Anne B og Lalla 1Anne B R og Lalla 1bLalla and Pamela, both English Springer Spaniel, are Anne’s dear life companions. They are both from the Kennel Nimblewhit in Vestfold, Norway. Anne has always been fond of English Springer Spaniel in part because it is a a particularly confident and happy breed. She moved to Coursegoules with her first Springer, Patches, who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He lived to be 15 years old and died in August 2002. When Toby moved in with Anne, she had lived in Coursegoules a year.

anne_med_hunderToby was born in Le Luc in France in 2001. When Toby died of cancer before reaching the age of four, he left a big void in Anne’s life. Anne knew immediately that she wanted a a new dog of the same breed but a different gender. In Norway she found the puppy, Lalla, who moved with Anne to Coursegoules in late summer 2005.

Six months later it was decided that Lalla’s mother Pamela should come and live with them as well.

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