Anne B R og Lalla ekstriorIn 2000 Anne E. Bisgaard Rossi found her dream project, an old dilapidated former sheepfold in the small mountain village of Coursegoules. What to others looked like a ruin, was in Anne’s mind a charming and personal artists studio and home. With a courage that most people will never be able to find, she started the ambitious task of transforming the old sheepfold and make it into her home base. The building was 300 years old and hand built, one rock at a time. The spirit of this has been carried on through the work that Anne did. After approximately one year of intense personal effort, the house finally started to take shape. Anne did all the work she possibly could on her own. She was the carpenter, mason, painter and interior designer. In the village people started to refer to her as the ”crazy Norwegian lady”.

Anne B R i stue ved peisenAnne has found her peaceful paradise in an old former sheepfold in Coursegoules. Today the house is a charming and welcoming artists home and studio. The special touch was added by Anne doing much of the renovations herself.

When the workday in the studio is over, she will often spend time reading, one of her favorite hobbies. The wall by the fireplace is not really a wall but rather the actual mountain side that forms a natural rock wall in the old sheepfold. When it rains heavily, a natural waterfall forms and sprinkles down the wall.

Anne B R interior kjokken

Anne B R interior detalj 2

In the kitchen, windows on three sides of the room, creates a very special atmosphere.

Many of the herbs that Anne uses for her cooking she picks outside in her garden.

This is the original mountainside that formed the wall in the old sheepfold. During heavy rain water seeps through the rocks and forms a small natural waterfall.