CoursegoulesCoursegoules is a tiny mountain village situated slightly more than 1000m above sea-level, approximately 16 km north of Vence up into the mountains. Coursegoules is its own municipality and as such home to 322 inhabitants most of those living in the village itself. The village of Coursegoules is 700-800 years old but the original village was built by the Romans and is located slightly to the west of where it is today. In earlier days forestry, grain, sheep and goats represented the economic base of the region. Today there is production of the local honey and there are still some sheep and goats that graze in the mountain side creating a charming atmosphere, but most residents now commute to work closer to the coast. The greatest era of Coursegoules can be said to have been reached towards the end of the 19th century when the number of inhabitants peaked at around 850 and the village had its own policeman. Today the situation is different. Two days a week, Monday and Saturday, the mayor is present as the only public person in Coursegoules.